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“Shangri-La” single released Oct 15, 2020 Just trying to create some kind of groove
“A Stroke of Luck” single released Sept 6, 2021 A cover of a lowkey favorite song from Garbage’s debut
“Sailing Inside Your Soul [Primitive 06]” single released Sept 9, 2021 This is a primitive version from 2006, and different from the more polished 2009 release. Re-discovered while reviewing old recordings in the archive
Eggs in the Morning is a solo artist with music performed and produced by AJ Letter. It started out with original compositions and has branched out in recent years to include a great many cover songs. Eggs (for short) spans many genres but you can usually hear a synthesizer or electric guitar, and some kind of new wave vibe. Why the artist name? Threefold! Firstly, when you have eggs in the morning you know it's going to be some kind of special day. Secondly, AJ's dad was in a band in the 60's and their hit was "The Little Black Egg". And thirdly when you do something good, often in a romantic sense, sometimes you get eggs the next morning as a reward. In theory. Based in Orange County, California.
Eggs in the Morning
“Random” single released Nov 26, 2021 A reflection on fate versus free will and an ode to the 80’s
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“Limit” single released April 19, 2023 An expression of the good and the bad results of pressures that we are dealing with these days